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What dreams may come
Fiona Apple
I have been having some awesome dreams lately. The previous night I dreamed that jessikanesis and I were visiting rjlovie in Portsmouth. thryn was already there, and we went to all these pubs. I told Rich he drove too fast, though!

Last night--and I have sessobunny to thank for this since we had been talking about her friend Jacqueline who moved to Australia, traveled to Malaysia and now moved to Hong Kong--I dreamed that Amir and I traveled around the world, and I lead adventure travel groups. (One of the travel groups, we went on a steam engine train!)

Amir and I visited Orleans, France, and ate lunch with Yohann and his girlfriend Julia. We ate tartiflette. I told Yohann, "I haven't eaten this well since the last time I was in France!"

We also went back to Israel in my dream. I walked around Jerusalem, and ate something called Jerusalem cake. I met up with Amir, who was in the Arab quarter with some friends. (I know this was a dream because, sadly, NO ONE mixes in Israel. They all stay in their own little neighborhoods.) It was Ramadan, and we were sharing the evening meal with his friend's family. We ate on the floor on pillows, and of course we ate only with our right hand.

Ah, I woke up hungry today!

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Re: Tartiflette

Everything is going fine ;o) I'm a little bit stressing out regarding the future third member of my flat... But also excited !

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