You say you want a girl who thinks really deep thoughts?

What's so amazing about really deep thoughts?

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Fiona Apple
I guess I was hoping someone would write "You are not a bad person." *hugs* or something...considering how often I do the same.

Thanks, Bonnie, for your text message. I've reread it often.

The hospital called. My aunt and mother agreed: Mom-Mom would not want a ventilator.

I had a dream about her last night. She was waving to me. I'm glad that I saw her yesterday, when she was having a good day, and I heard her say, "Love you, too." Despite all my faults, she knows I love her.

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And I guess I figured someone else would. We probably all did.

So a bit late, but of course you're not a bad person. Deep down, you know that too. It's easy to get caught up in the snapshot moments, especially when they're the end of the roll, to bludgeon the cliche to death. But the fact is your grandmother knows you love her; you've proven that over the past 26? 27? years. (I forget how old you are ...)

It's easy to take grandparents for granted, because they're so good at that whole unconditional love thing. But maybe that's part of the universe's mission for them -- to teach us that valuable lesson.

You are definitely not a bad person. I think that no matter how much we call or tell a loved one how much they are loved, we still don't feel like we said it enough or called enough.

I haven't been around in a bit, but really Sherry, please don't be too mad at yourself. I know that your Grandmother knew just how much love you had for her. She would never be angry at you.

That is a beautiful dream.

You really and truly are not a bad person. <3

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