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It's not a show, Frank. Don't show us your frankfurter.
Fiona Apple
So, Naked Neighbor did another full-frontal in front of the window. Sure, he put curtains up, but they're see-through!

I even think he might have been, er, touching himself this time, but I'm not 100% sure because my reflex was to look away as soon as possible, as did Amir.

What horrible is that we can't complain to The Barrington because they'll think we're getting him back about complaining about us.

Amir said as we were driving away, "You're always with me when he's parading around nude." Very sobering. The neighbors across from us moved away, so I can't ask if they saw anything. I do want to know whether it's just me.

This whole situation is freaking me out. Frank used to be the nice neighbor who brought me the mail when it got mixed in with his. Now that my hours are different--or that I got married maybe? He was very negative about that--he's walking around nude/standing in front of the window nude and complaining about noise. (My thoughts on the noise issue is--Amir was working when he moved in and I was working the night shift, so of course it was quiet in our apartment. No one was home then.)

My co-worker Ruth had me bring up the sex offender database to search. Thankfully, he wasn't on there, but he scares me anyway.

I think we may write an anonymous note and sign it "A Barrington family." Would that work, you think?

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I wonder... What are the laws regrading this (if any)? I know it is illegal to be on, say a sidewalk naked or to touch yourself in public whether you "show" anything.. but what, if any, are the restrictions on what you can do in your own house with the windows OPEN... and is there a differnce b/w consciounsly knowing someone might be seeing your or being oblivious to the fact? I think the anonymous letter could be a start... I always hate having to go to the actual person.. some people are crazy and no one wants to start a "war" Also, if he is on the first floor this should be something, legal or not, I would think they would want to hamdle anyways since anyone walking by could see I do fear, on the 2nd floor deal it could turn into a matter.. if you don't want to see it, shut your blinds deal... that's why I think it's best to go anonymous

Love that all my spaces and lines skipped were taken out... weird

I know I saw a story a while back about someone getting arrested for being naked in his own house, allegedly in view of a woman and child cutting through his yard. (I suspected when I read it that there was more to the story than was being reported.)

But I'd like to think that what one does in one's own home would be largely outside the realm of the law. There's nothing necessarily requiring anyone to look through his window. And particularly with it being a rented property, I'm not sure it's his responsibility to put up curtains, etc. (Note: I'm not defending the guy, just playing devil's advocate, as I do from time to time.)

Nevertheless, it's clearly in poor taste, and I'm pretty sure the apartment complex could tell him to knock it off or be subject to some corrective action.

I'm fairly sure Howard Stern was arrested for talking dirty to his girlfriend too loudly in his own home. But that's not exactly the same.

Where the hell is a guy with that much money living that he has neighbors who can hear him?

I don't think you should let yourself get pushed around by this guy. Definately write a note, anonymously if it makes you feel better. And if he pulls any shit again where he's banging on your door to yell at you or Amir because you're walking around in your own kitchen, you need to tell the Barrington about that too, because it's harrassment, and it's only going to get worse if he thinks he can get away with it.
He doesn't care how much you complain about him on your blog, y'know? It's not like he's going to stumble across your lj and go, "why I had no idea I was making her feel that way!" and suddenly become a great neighbor.

I'm not sure who you're writing the anonymous note to, by the way. Is it to him, or to the management? Because if it's to him, I'm pretty sure he's gonna know who it is. The management may know too, but it's less likely.

Yea.. write mgm't.. that's what they are there for

That's what my mom says. He scares me--particularly after I saw him peek out the window last night...and then purposely stand in the window when he saw it was us--so I don't think I'll do that after all. I wasn't sure it was just targeted at us.

And I'm afraid to say something to management 1)because they'll possibly think I'm retaliating for his noise complaint and 2) believe me, and then it escalates to a new level. I do not want to have a war, and I don't want this crazy man to attack us or something.

I'm almost thinking I have to ignore it and park somewhere else and use the opposite staircase.

Mgm't is not going to think you are just trying to get back at him! This is an actual concern. The worse that will happen is mgm't will say, no, sorry sherry it is in his rights to flaunt his ding dong out his window at passerby's.. and if they actually say that, at least you won't have to worry what will happen if i say something, cuz you'll know they are mgm't peeps that say "ding dong"

Also, if you think he is doing it with intentions of you seeing him... i think intention puts it into a new ballpark and you can actually skip mgm"t and calls the police.. I think?

In the end.. at least write a letter to mgm't, anonymous is fine as well!

I used to have a neighbor right next door (literally a few feet away) that I deemed creepy because of how he made me feel. Nothing at all like that happened and I am pretty sure he was completely harmless but nevertheless he creeped me out. Go with your instincts even if you think they are irrational. Better safe than sorry.

I've started parking on the other side of the apartment building, and so far I haven't had to watch a show. I don't know if that's the right thing to do--since obviously random people and possibly children could still get an eyeful walking past--but he seriously spooks me. I don't want to escalate a situation.

matt says to write a passive aggressive note: "Thanks for the ding dongs, but I've already had my dessert"

I love that site, and actually when I was considering writing a note to Naked Neighbor, I was afraid it would end up on there! LOL!

HAHAHA Amir will get a kick out of that!

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