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What's so amazing about really deep thoughts?

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Fiona Apple
I am in Roanoke, Va., now. My grandmother is in very bad shape. The very week she was supposed to come home from the rehabilitation center where she had been recuperating from a broken hip, she had a major stroke and now pneumonia. When I got here, she was able to to say "yes" and a few things. Now she doesn't really speak; just sleep. And I'm devastated. You see, I've been very bad about calling her. I had nothing to do last weekend besides laundry, and I thought of calling her. But didn't. I can't sleep; I just hate myself so much for being so self-absorbed in my life. The week before she had asked me to call her when I wasn't at work, but I always seemed to call her when I was on my break.

Hate. Myself. Can't sleep.

Wish I could time-travel.

So tell the people you love that you love them, folks...

We got snowed in today. I think we have about 10" of snow. We got stuck in a ditch twice on the way to the hospital, but luckily, the snow plow came and it wasn't bad after that.

My grandmother's cat, Goldie, does not like the snow. It's very funny to watch her. I've been giving her extra attention, and my aunt says I'm spoiling her.

Amir has been fantastic. I appreciate him so much. He's helping my cousin Laurah to fly up here tomorrow for a reduced price.

Love you, guys...


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